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Charging and Remissions Policy 2021 Download Preview
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Equalities Information and Objectives 2020 Download Preview
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PDET SEND Policy 2020 Download Preview
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PE and Sports Premium Funding Impact 2017-18 Download Preview
Preventing Radicalisation Policy Download Preview
Privacy Notice - Governors Download Preview
Privacy Notice - Parents (March 2021) Download Preview
Privacy Notice - Pupils (March 2021) Download Preview
Privacy Notice - Staff (March 2021) Download Preview
Privacy Notice - Volunteers (all) (March 2021) Download Preview
Pupil premium funding 2018-19 Download Preview
Pupil Premium Funding Impact Statement 2018-19 Download Preview
Pupil premium funding Impact Statement 2019-20 Download Preview
Pupil Premium Strategy 2019 Download Preview
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020 Download Preview
Risk Register Download Preview
Safeguarding policy - September 2021 Download Preview
School Results 2018-2019 Download Preview
SIAMS Inspection 2017 Download Preview
Sport Premium Plan 2018-19 Download Preview
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Sport Premium Plan 2019-20 Impact Report Download Preview
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Sport Premium Plan 2020-21 reviewed Download Preview
Sport Premium Plan Impact 2018-19 Download Preview
Vision & Values Statement Download Preview
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Curriculum Information Files

School contact details

Staverton CE Primary School
Glebe Lane
NN11 6JF
Contact at the school: Mrs Laura Scott
Office: 01327 703154

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for September 2023

All admission authorities are required consult on their admission arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period.  We are currently consulting on our admission arrangements which will apply from September 2023 but not proposing any changes.

 You can find a full copy of our proposed admission arrangements here:

The consultation period runs from 8th November to 19th December 2021. Should you wish to make any comments about the proposed arrangements you can do so by email to the Chair of Governors c/o or by post: Staverton CE Primary, Staverton, NN11 6JF.

Admission arrangements

Staverton CE Prmary School  caters for boys and girls from 4 – 11 years of age.  It presently has approximately 100 children on roll. In August 2014, the school became an academy with the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust. Our published admission number (PAN) is 15.

For admissions information and to begin the process, please use the Northamptonshire admission website.

How to appeal for a place at our school

If you have applied and been refused a place at our school (in any year group), you are entitled to appeal against that decision.

Appeals for PDET academies are administered by The Diocese of Peterborough Education team. For more information on the process please see:

If you wish to appeal please contact the Appeals Administrator and ask for an appeals pack. Contact Alex Benoy at .

The pack includes some explanatory notes about the process of Admission Appeals and a Notice of Appeal form that, should you decide to proceed with an appeal, will need to be completed and returned by email if possible, but if not, to the Diocesan Office instead.

Timetable for appeals – September 2021 applications

Following the National Offer Day on 16 April 2021, the deadline for lodging an on-time appeal is 4:00pm on 21 May 2021.

Proposed appeal hearing dates are durbetween 1-6 July 2021. All Spring/Summer 2021 appeals will take place on Zoom.

Decision letters will be sent within five working days of the appeal hearing, subject to any unforeseen circumstances.

Pupil Performance Data

School Performance Tables


The Curriculum

Full details about our curruclum across the school can be found on our Curriculum pages. Please use the main (top) menu bar for this information.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information

At our school we endeavour to achieve maximum inclusion of all children whilst meeting their individual needs.  Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities for all the children within the school and provide materials appropriate to children’s interests and abilities.  This ensures that all children have full access to the school curriculum.

It is our responsibility to ensure that pupils with special educational needs or disabilities have the maximum opportunity to attain and achieve in line with their peers. Accurate assessment of need and carefully planned programmes, which address the root causes of any learning difficulty, are essential ingredients of success for these children. These will be provided, initially, through additional support funded from the devolved schools budget.

Our SENCo is Mrs Emma Curtis-Noor. For contact details, please contact the school office.

The Local Offer

In September 2014 a new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) was published. As a result every local authority must identify education, health and social care services in their local area provided for children, young people and families who have Special Educational Needs or disabilities and include them in an information directory called the Local Offer.

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

The Government has provided school sport funding in order to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

Pupil Premium Grant


A full breakdown of information related to our governing body can be found within our About Us page related to the governors. Here we provide information about their names, roles, the committees for which they serve, their attendance as well as detail related to any financial interest they may have and the terms of office that they hold.

Values and Ethos

Below is an extract from that document.

Staverton is a nurturing community that inspires a love of learning and supports children to be the best they can be. Children become confident individuals through experiencing and celebrating successes. We prepare our pupils for life beyond our doors, instilling in them strong Christian values to guide them.

School Ethos Statement


Leading, Inspiring, Voyaging, Educating 

Live Our Values Everyday

Many schools talk about educating the whole child and teaching children to be good citizens; we believe that being a Church School means much more than this. Our Ethos Statement explains that Staverton CE Primary School is committed to encouraging an understanding of faith and the world around us. Within this context, the school teaches respect for other world religions, whilst maintaining Christian values in its ethos and teaching. At Staverton all that we do is underpinned by these Christian or Gospel Values; the values taught by Jesus. We firmly believe that these values are not 'add ons', they are central to all that we do, not something separate. We hope that these values become the children’s virtues.

The school gives high priority to the spiritual development of global citizens, empowering them for the future beyond the doors of Staverton School. The teaching and the learning that takes place, aims to Lead the children and produce Leaders, Inspire our children through an exciting curriculum, producing children who Inspire others; Voyage beyonds the doors and classrooms of school to discover the wonderful world we live in; and Educate every child to be the best they can be, so that they can Educate others in their chosen fields.

Our School Christian Values:

The school community has recently redefined our 6 school values which are brought together under one overriding value, Love.

All our values are explicitly focussed upon over a two year period. They are as follows:

LOVE: Live Our Values Everyday

Respect; Friendship; Honesty; Compassion; Responsibility; Perseverance

Each value is exemplified in school by (i) a Bible quotation and (ii) explanatory statements. The values are displayed collectively in the Challenge Area and in each classroom’s Reflection Area when explicitly focussed upon on a ‘small’ term basis.

Children can earn peer nominated Value Jewels by displaying the Christian value focussed upon within a specific term. Children can also be recognised as a ‘Shining Light’. These are staff nominated awards that are shared in Celebration Assembly on a weekly basis for children who have explicitly displayed the current value.

Our Staff and Learner Values

Underpinned by our school, Christian values, the following Staff and Learner values shape our teaching and learning. We are passionate in our belief that the consistent adoption of these interlinked sets of values will ensure that our school will be a happy and successful place where everyone strives to be the best they can be.

Behaviour policy

The school expects high standards of behaviour based on mutual respect, responsibility, trust, Christian values and a sense of belonging to and being a valued member of the school.

Positive behaviour management strategies will be used throughout the school to ensure this environment is developed and constantly reinforced.  Children's achievements are celebrated in a special Celebration Assembly held every Tuesday. Rewards also include stickers, certificates, praise and the opportunity to share their work with other staff and children. Good behaviour at break and lunch times is also rewarded.

Everyone at Staverton CE Primary School has the right to feel welcome, secure and happy. We say no to Bullying, whether verbal or physical.  We are a ‘telling’ school and ask for all parents and pupils to help us by reporting immediately any incidents so that we can deal with them appropriately. 

Charging and Remissions policy

Hardcopy delivery

Copies of documents found on this website are available by request at the school office.

 Academy Finance Information

Information regarding annual reporting, audited accounts, memorandum of association, articles of association, names of trustees and member, and the master funding agreement, can all be found on the PDET website.

Our Supplementary Funding Agreement can be found here: Supplemental_Funding_Agreement.pdf


Online Safety Websites

About Us

Situated in the picturesque village of Staverton, our small village school is a well established and integral part of the local community. We enjoy very secure links with our local church, St. Mary's, and the strong Christian ethos and family feel within our school is shared with all of our visitors. In August 2014, our school became an academy, joining the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust. 

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