Class 4 Curriculum Information

Welcome to Class Four

Years 5 and 6 - Mrs Satsangi

In Classes 3 and 4, we strive to ensure that our children have strong core skills in Reading, Writing & Mathematics, which are then utilised and given a context within a broad and creative curriculum. 

Reading continues to be a priority; children are encouraged to read widely for pleasure, whether that is electronic material or traditional books. We also take every opportunity to read throughout the wider curriculum areas, in order to develop valuable research and information gathering skills. 

Mathematics is also a priority. Encouraging an enjoyment of the subject is an integral part of Mathematics; learners at all stages are supported to find pleasure in challenge and be aspirational for themselves.

By the end of their time in Class 4, we aim for the children to be well prepared to continue successfully into secondary education and beyond.

Class 4 have all worked extremely hard his week to show how far they have progressed their learning this term.  Following Assessment week , Class 4 can relax and be creative at the FOSS Christmas Workshop on Monday.  A small, sneak preview of what is on offer can be seen in the photo!

The next seven days are extremely busy: a trip to DSLV, a pantomime at the Deco, a Christmas Party, singing at the Church Carol Service and our Church Christmas Service .  We certainly don’t wind down for Christmas!

We  have worked really hard this week to turn our explanation planning (focussing on inventions) into a written text. We have taken time to ensure we use both the text and language features within our writing, with some great results.

What fantastic Learning Log homework; a huge range of Bronze, Silver and Gold tasks have been submitted!  We have pieces of Anglo Saxon jewellery, Anglo Saxon patterns created using reflection and translation, Anglos-Saxon settlements created on Minecraft and Anglo-Saxon boats.  Thank you for all your hard work!

This week we have been working out fractions of amounts in Maths.  We have also been working out how big ‘the whole’ would be if we know what a fraction of it is e.g. 5/6 of my pocket money is £1.50 so how much pocket money do I get if I’ve managed to earn the full amount!!  Well done Class 4!

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